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ABOUT Camp champ

Camp Champ is a multifaceted, holistic family support practice based in Johannesburg. Focus is placed on child or family intervention and creative counselling through coaching, counselling and healing modalities. 

Cut and paste therapies don’t work, cookie-cutters are great for cookies but not for families.

As we are all individuals, so services should be individualised. When aiding a child or family, each person is viewed as a whole. The four aspects of a person are considered; the mind, the body, the emotions and the essence of the person (psyche). This enables us to identify the cause instead of focussing on the symptom (misaligned behaviour)


Services offered draw from and integrate various aspects of psychology, coaching, play, creative arts, bodywork and an understanding of relationship dynamics. 

specialising in coaching, counselling as well as complementary and alternative medicine (healing) services. 

Camp Champ’s mission is to deliver individualised and holistic services in:



  • Family counselling - to help navigate the storms

  • Child counselling - identify and work through their issues

  • Divorce: family supportive counselling - helping ease the transition from 1 home to 2

  • Abuse counselling and court preparation - supporting a family through the unimaginable 

  • Intervention programs - a family action plan for those with children who have special needs, developmental delays, behavioural issues or socio-emotional difficulties. 

  • Play therapy - is a child’s most natural form of expression and the best way for working through their challenges

  • School readiness assessments - helping decide if your child is ready for grade 1. 



  • Parental Support - a safe non-judgemental space to laugh or cry and to determine the best way to guide your child.  

  • Kids mindfulness - being aware of themselves and the ability to be present in the moment they are best equipped to navigate life

  • Life skills/Emotion coaching for Kids - big emotions can get the best of anyone, here we work on how to name them, understand them and find the tools to work through them.  



  • Massage - to alleviate stress, speed up recovery, release emotions and tension stored in the body

  • Reiki - to release trapped emotions or blocked energy flow through the body

  • Intuitive guidance - when it is more spiritually-based support you are looking for. 

I am passionate about people, finding the joy and ease in life and navigating challenges with respect, care and consideration for all involved.

Sessions are home, school or office based depending on the individual needs of the child and family. 

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