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Hello, my name is Tamacin. For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by how people act, think and deal with or heal from trauma. My passion for assisting families runs deep, especially when it comes to children and the challenges they deal with as they navigate today's world.


My services encompass a range of holistic therapies based on the study of people's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states. My life has never been linear, and this both inspired and drove me to diversify my fields of expertise, granting me a deep and multidimensional insight into human wellness. I believe that this expanded understanding and perception of treatment and welfare enables me to use a wide array of skill sets to ensure a truly personal service experience that leads to the healing and satisfaction of my clients.


Through my passion for serving and learning people, I have been inspired to go on journeys of volunteer work in parts of South Africa, as well as some countries across Africa and Asia. In my travels, I gained valuable experience in the health, social and education sectors. My journeys have granted me a culturally diverse view of the world and a plethora of skills that have proven unique and invaluable.


I have come to understand that relationships are a fundamental aspect of our existence. To lead fulfilled lives, it is crucial that we are mindful of how we nurture these relationships and communicate our needs within them. To this effect, my approach to interactions with families revolves around commitment and connections. My primary focus is on assisting the development of healthy and loving family dynamics, open lines of communication as well as the structures and routines that are unique to each family.


Cultivating relationships with people enables me to create strong bonds and bring the right people together to make a tangible difference in the lives of families. My treatment regimens emphasise multi-disciplinary teamwork and networking because the needs of the family unit are more dependent on coordinated skills and efforts than the individual strengths of each member. The end goal is to help families appreciate that they make a great team and are the best qualified to identify each other's individual needs.


My love for children runs deep, and I believe many of them silently struggle to deal with their own emotions and thoughts as well as the societies in which they live. They lack the experience and socio-emotional tools to navigate life in general and more specifically, the micro-communities within the schools they attend. With that in mind, I have a strong desire to identify their specific areas of lack and empower them with the skills they need to facilitate their emotional growth and navigate life better.


I am going to assume that you have found yourself on my website because of family challenges you are facing and would like support and assistance. I hope reading about my practice, skills and motivations will resonate with you, and perhaps you will reach out and allow me to offer my services in your aid.


my qualifications

Over the last 20 years….  

  • M(ECI) Early Childhood Intervention 

  • BA Hons Clinical Psychology 

  • Registered Counsellor (PRC 00023485) – Trauma and Mental Health

  • BPsych Equivalence 

    • Internship: Teddy Bear Clinic (Trauma and Child Abuse)

  • BA Socio-Legal studies: Specialization - Offender Profiling

  • Certification in Play Therapy I and II

  • Certification in Body Therapy

    • Rehabilitative and Injury massage, 

  • Pediatric and Pregnancy Massage Therapist

  • Infant Massage Instructor,

  • Reiki Practitioner

  • Mindfulness Coaching Certification for children.

my Professional Accreditations

Practice number  0682411

HPCSA number PRC : 0023485

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