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Counselling nurtures a connective relationship between therapist and client, to identify goals and seek out solutions to challenges which lead to mental and emotional issues. The counselling process takes place in a safe, confidential environment where the therapist assists the client with developing and strengthening communication and coping skills, providing emotional support and tools for mastery of self, promoting positive mental health. 


Family Counselling

Psycho-therapeutic sessions are held with the entire family or individually with each family member to navigate the challenges affecting them.



Family divorce support

Supportive counselling and family guidance to help families through the transition. Divorce is never easy, particularly when children are involved. The therapist will help children understand what the separation entails in a manner that does not vilify either parent and what the new living arrangement will be. Counselling is also offered to help parents understand and manage their children's emotions. 



Child Counselling

Rooted in psychology, sessions are either group or individual. The therapy is uniquely tailored for children who are struggling to regulate or understand their emotions, have experienced some form of trauma, abuse or incident which is affecting their mental health and emotional development. 



These are held for children with specials needs which are physical, mental or emotional in nature. Individually tailored support & management of family, school, community and medical systems involved to ensure all parties are working collectively to the best possible outcomes for both the child and family.


Play Therapy

Psychotherapeutic sessions are facilitated for groups or individuals and are suitable for all age groups. Therapeutic play where clients can freely process emotions and uncover repressed thoughts, a safe environment where very few rules or limitations are enforced to allow for free expression and healing. 



Court preparation and supportive abuse counselling

Sessions are held to help the child deal with any abuse or trauma that has occurred. This abuse or distress may result in court cases. Court preparation courses are designed to help the child go through the court process. All parties and proceedings are explained to minimise stress or re-trauma. 

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