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Coaching is a holistic approach to personal skills development. The client is offered a safe, supportive and motivating environment where the desired skills, needs and outcomes are explored. After the desired end goals are ascertained and clearly defined, an action plan is devised. The coach will focus on aiding the client work through the action plan to learn more about themselves and ultimately achieve their outlined goal. The primary objective is to empower the client to discover their growth process and be able to attain this kind of growth on their own in future, so this is not a long-term program.


Kids Mindfulness coaching

Mindfulness coaching helps children to develop mindfulness skills such as increasing their self-awareness, focus, their connection with other people and how they perceive themselves. During coaching, the children are taught to be aware of what they are doing, thinking and feeling at specific moments in time. This will help them be more present in the decisions they make and how they respond to the world around them.

Life skills/Emotions Coaching

These coaching sessions help children understand their emotions and how to direct their responses to these emotions in a healthy way. Sessions are held with the child to develop an awareness of their feelings, learn how to deal with them and control their reactions to these emotions. There are also specific meetings for parents to help them raise emotionally intelligent children.

Parent Guidance

This is designed to offer parents mentorship, guidance and support. Raising children in the 21st century is increasingly stressful and the sessions are designed to help parents manage this stress. Parents will find a safe space where they are guided to identify what is currently and may potentially work well for them as opposed to the general castigation they may face from society about what they are doing wrong. Any challenges they may face or course correction required is identified constructively and with a solutions-based focus that helps them define the kind of structure that can help them overcome their shortcomings. The result is happiness and balance for the parents, which translates to happiness and stability for the child. 

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