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Monster Mist

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

"Sometimes when I can’t fall asleep,I lay quietly, not making a peep.Silly little monsters under my bed, scratching, scuffling and tickling my head,I reach for my magic monster spray, And WOOOSH, all the monsters run away".

Monster Mist is a mood balancing spray. This unique product is designed to help calm children and overcome big emotions. The spray contains moon water, glitter (monsters don't like light) and a tigers eye stone (noise maker) bringing the maximum dose of magic to banish “monsters”. Essential oils connect the body systems.

There are many benefits to the uses of aromatherapy:

The spray works with the olfactory and limbic systems to create a positive and calming association to certain smells and have a two-fold effect on neural responses

  1. It controls our voluntary and emotional responses to our environment

  2. helps form and retain memories, therefore, tying smells to memories.

Bringing about positive

  • Emotional responses to reduce stress and create feelings of well-being,

  • Physical responses to calm and balance the body systems.

The oils can safely penetrate the body:

  • Through smell or inhalation. The essential oils send a message to the brain which in return allows them to pass into the bloodstream via the respiratory system.

  • Through skin absorption, the oil’s enter the body through the epidermis into the blood capillaries and circulate throughout the entire body.


Helping children calm and return to sleep after “monster attacks” and nightmares

  • Lavender helps with insomnia, relaxation and headaches.

  • Clary sage helps with anxiety, depression and congestion.

  • Benzoin helps with stress and anxiety.

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