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Does your child need help to overcome big emotions?

I am a passionate and committed therapist, I pride myself on being authentic and compassionate in my approach to helping others. My open and easy going nature enable me to become part of the family during our journey together. As no family or child is the same, each treatment session needs to be individualized this is possible by considering all aspects of the person when offering supportive services.

Collectively I have 20 years experience in counselling, healing, and bodywork. I have worked in school, family home- and practice-based settings which have given me insight and a perspective different to most.

I have travelled and volunteered around the globe honing my skills and abilities, collecting an array of practical tools, developing cultural insight and awareness, along with an understanding of family dynamics and relationships. I am unique and so are my methods. With a wealth of knowledge, a little imagination, a heart for play and a pinch of magic, we are ready to go!  

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Working with Tam has been amazing!

My daughter (6) has learnt to trust herself and speak her mind about the things that matter. She is a strong, confident little girl now; and this is all thanks to Tam. Going through this experience will change your whole family and give you a real insight into what is going on in your child’s little mind and all the complexities that are there. Tam breaks it down and helps you implement strategies to help your child cope with what they are going through. Tam taught me how to become a safe place for my daughter to come too. Although my daughter stopped seeing Tam almost a year ago, Tam still offers me constant support and help with any and all of my concerns regarding my daughter. This type of support, especially as a single mom, has just been amazing! Thank you Tam!

- Anonymous

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